How to request library materials using the finding aids of the Manuscripts Department and Department of Prints, Photographs and Architectural Collections

Department of Prints, Photographs and Architectual Collections materials are made available by appointment only. We are unable to review your request until you have a confirmed appointment. Please send all questions and appointment requests via email to

Requesting materials from our Manuscripts Department and Department of Prints, Photographs and Architectural Collections can be done through the finding aids. Many (though not all) collections in both departments have finding aids that allow the researcher to request specfic boxes and folders of material. A list of finding aids for the Manuscripts Department can be found HERE, the list of finding aids for the Department of Prints, Photographs and Architectural Collections can be found HERE

Click on the collection name to explore the contents of the finding aid:

When you've decided which boxes and folder you'd like to request, click "Click here to request materials using your Collections Request Account." A surrogate of the finding aid will be created once you log in to your account, requests can be made there.

You will be brought to the login page (if you are not already logged in.) Enter your username and password as you normally would. New users should proceed with the registration process; the item you requested will still be pending until you complete the registration process.

Upon logging in, the finding aid will be reproduced.

Scroll down, and you will see that each series listed in the finding aid has become a collapsible link

These links can be "opened" and "closed" to show subseries, boxes, folders and volumes

Click on the check box next to the box you would like to request.

Instead of requesting a whole box, you can also request specific folders by clicking on the title "Box" to further open the collapsible field, this allows you to request individual folders.

Fill out the remaining fields of the request form once you have marked the check boxes you need. The "Notes" field is for specific instructions, such as if you are looking for a specific image or document. Remember to select a scheduled date by clicking the small calendar icon, since this information does not automatically populate. Also, please remember that selecting "Keep in Review" places your request in a private holding queue that the librarians cannot see, and therefore will be unable to process your request.

Once you click "Submit Request", your request will be routed to the proper library department for processing. Please note that your items will not be paged until you speak with a librarian. Please provide them with your username or the transaction number (or both). This will expedite the processing of your request. Also note the "Status" highlighted below; this will let you know which department your request was sent to.